About Us

Four Point Star LLC was founded by artist Dave Tourjé in 2014 in order to handle his art event production, intellectual property, video content and collaborations. Dave Tourjé is known mainly for his work as a visual artist based in Los Angeles over the last 30 years, and prior to that as a musician in the LA Punkrock scene of the late '70s. His many accomplishments over these years include his own gallery and museum shows, the formation of the Chouinard Foundation in 1999 (he bought and restored the home of the renowned art educator Nelbert Chouinard), and founding the renowned art collective CALIFORNIA LOCOS in 2011, which includes such luminaries as Chaz Bojórquez, John Van Hamersveld, Norton Wisdom and Gary Wong. In 2011, a short film entitled "LA Aboriginal" by Dreamteam Directors (Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir) was made about Tourjé's life. This short won 7 "Best Short" awards in 21 Film Festivals internationally and it was in this process that his interest in film became piqued. Next, Tourjé Executive Produced the award-winning feature entitled "Curly" for the Chouinard Foundation in 2013. The unique collaboration now known as John Van Hamersveld CRAZY WORLD AIN'T IT is his most recent project, completed in early 2019. More to come!